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Questions and Answers about OceanhomesUSA.com

Below are some of the questions that we find many of our visitors asking us that relate to waterfront properties, selling or buying waterfront properties or about our website. If your question isn't answered here please submit your question, and we will reply quickly.

Q: What is OceanhomesUSA?
A: OceanhomesUSA, along with OceanhomesUSA and RiverhomesUSA are comprehensive waterfront real estate sites that guide you to waterfront properties and waterfront real estate specialists in waterfront markets across America. These sites are a great place for Real Estate Agents and For Sale By Owners to advertise and promote themselves and their water-related properties.

Q: How much traffic does the site get?
A: As with any real estate website, traffic can change drastically depending on the time of year. At this time the site averages a few thousand visitors everyday, and you will be able to see your exact number of visitors on your password protected counter in your management area. This is a great tool so that you can show your sellers the activity their listings are getting.

Q: Why should I advertise on OceanhomesUSA?
A: Because OceanhomesUSA, OceanhomesUSA and RiverhomesUSA are niched real estate websites they are great avenues for agents and private sellers to achieve maximum exposure for their water related properties. For less than it costs to run an ad in your local paper you can get world-wide exposure for a year. We even have categories for planned oceanfront communities, lakefront resorts, riverfront rentals and canal front lots!

Q: How do you get yourself or your property listed on OceanhomesUSA?
A: To get started simply go to Pricing & Ordering and select the type of listing you want to purchase - either an Individual Property Listing or Unlimited Property Listing. Once you've selected an option click on the Order Now link. You will be asked to register as a new member - enter a username, password and other pertinent information. After you have successfully registered as a user you can complete your order.

After you enter your initial information you will have a chance to preview it before entering your credit card information. If you would rather not use a credit card please contact us and we can arrange other payment options for you.

Q:What does it cost to advertise on OceanhomesUSA?
A: There are two advertising options: Individual Property Listing and Unlimited Property Listings.

1. Individual Property Listing (For Sale or Rent) - $19 per month
Your single listing includes up to 12 photos with about 1,000 words of text and will receive maximum exposure in your featured area as well randomly appear on the home page and other areas of the sites.

2. Unlimited Property Listings - $49 per month
This option includes: unlimited water-related listings, top positioning in your Featured Area, the ability to add and edit information any time with your private password, plus your listings also randomly appear on our home page and other pages of the sites.

Q: How do I enter and edit infomation on my page or listing?
A: To edit any information you have input, simply Login, enter your username and password, then select your agent and/or listing information to edit.

A few things to remember while entering/editting your agent profile or listing information:

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Q: Can I look up a property by it's ID #: such as 2419144 rather than looking through all of them to find it if I do not know where it is located?
A: Not at this time. But this will be available in the new version of the site which we hope to have live in a few months.
Last Update: Tue, Mar 1, 2011 14:29 PM

Q: How can I flag a property picture Under Contract or Pending?
A: In your management area edit the listing and one of the first items is Market Status - you can select Active, Offer Pending or Sold and then click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to Save your changes.
Last Update: Mon, Jun 20, 2011 14:11 PM

Q: How do I cancel my advertisement on your site?
A: Please email us (info@lakehomesusa.com) or call(800.450.0646) and we will take care of this for you.
Last Update: Tue, Mar 1, 2011 14:45 PM

Q: If my listing is uploaded thru century 21 national site, do I have access to change anything, or view how many have looked at it?
A: You can upgrade your listing to a Spotlight Listing and edit and add information.
Last Update: Tue, Mar 1, 2011 14:47 PM

Q: How do I view the properties you have for sale?
A: Go to the waterfront area you are looking in and click on it. Not all areas have listings in them, the site is ever changing. If there is only an agent listed in the area it may be useful to go to their personal website as many of them have access to all the listings in their areas.
Last Update: Thu, Mar 10, 2005 21:45 PM

Q: How do I delete sold listings?
A: To delete listings: To remove them entirely - login into the management area and click Delete, to the right of the listing. This will remove it entirely from the site.
If you want to save the listing information but want to take it offline - simply edit the listing you want to remove and at the top of the input form you can uncheck the Display Box. This will save the information but it will not display on the site. It will remain in you listing summary with a blue highlight.
Last Update: Tue, Jan 29, 2008 11:17 AM

Q: How are the fees paid, billing or credit/debit card?
A: Either you can enter your credit card information when you sign up or call us and we can accept a check as well.
Last Update: Tue, Jan 29, 2008 11:22 AM

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